Thursday, 1 March 2012

Diary of a Bad Allotment (Week 3)

Today is the first of March , and Spring is finally upon us , so a perfect day to spend on the plot . I am still doing the mundane stuff such as repairs to the shed and general tidying , as well as the relentless task of getting rid of weeds . I kept my wormery inside my shed over the winter , but when I went to move it back outside today , I noticed that the bottom tray has been cracked . Yet another repair for me to do , but at least the worms are thriving , and have produced loads of vermicompost for me.

In the recent storms , the guttering around the shed for my water butt came down (along with my full water butt mysteriously vanishing) , so I decided to use some of it to create a herb garden . I took a length (app. 6ft.) and fitted it to my fence , then filled it with compost . Later on this month I'll sow some herb seed and hopefully it will look good and smell nice soon.

I bought a garlic bulb ( Solent Wight) , and planted a few rows next to my onions . My garlic was really good last year , so here's hoping for another good crop.

I cleared the weeds out of my strawberry patch and was pleasantly surprised to discover several young strawberry plants , but still I planted a new strawberry crown alongside them.

My plot is beginning to look semi-respectable , and I'm quite happy with it now . I just hope it stays that way and my crops thrive . As I was turning the soil this year , it was a pleasure to work as it was so soft and the weeds seemed to come out woithout too much difficulty.

I'll be back next week , but in the meantime - happy gardening.

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