Sunday, 26 February 2012

Diary of a bad allotment (Week 2)

It was a pretty depressing visit to theplot this week . All of last week's hard work has been undone . The early potatoes I've planted have been uprooted by something (although there are still about 5 in the ground I reckon) . And my beans have been targetted by slugs .

The lesson I've learnt this week is if you don't cover it you don't get it . I had toyed with the idea of laying fleece , but thought I'd do it next week as the winds are still quite strong , and knowing my luck , the fleece would blow away . So I'll be laying fleece soon , and I've just bought organic slug bait to control that problem .

This week's main job was an attempt at repositioning and straightening the shed , which had been blown over in the recent gales . Done a pretty good job at it too .Inside it I have positioned some large stones at the corner which will hopefully act as a counterweight next time .

There was not too much that I could sow this week , but I planted some nasturtiums alongside the remainder of my broad beans , as apparently they act as a natural pest control for beans . Nasturtiums are edible too , so hopefully they will add colour to some salads this year . Also I sowed a row of parsnips (Student ) and two rows of cauliflower (Alpha T Jubro).

At home I am making the best use of my windowsill and propagators and have sown some seed that will eventually go on the plot . I am trying aubergines (Black Beauty) this year , and I've also made early indoor sowings of cucumber (Marketmore 76) and leek (Levis) . This year I amgoing to find room for a pumpkin patch , and my dream goal this year is to grow a giant pumpkin , so I 've started off some Atlantic Giant . Also , I am going to use some old guttering to make a raised herb garden , so I've sown some basil and parsley to begin with.

I have an old shower door that I've been trying to find a use for , so sometime soon I'll be taking the hinges off and constructing cold frames with it .

I have a wormery on the go . I got it last June and the worms are thriving , but they're inn the shed still , but hopefully they'll be back outside in the next few weeks.

Til next time


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  1. Rats LOVE potatoes, i have had my own eaten this year already by the little blighters.